Windows 10 v2004 updated killed Extensions

As per the title and noted as an FYI. I didn’t work out a fix as I used it as the kick in the rear to get the extensions manager setup on my Pi running dietpi.

Really, so that is what is causing a running service and no Extension Manager listed in Roon? Had a few reports of that.

I’ll stay at v1909 (at least for the moment) as I spotted a video about excessive defragmentation runs on SSDs, reducing its lifetime.

Why would it run a defrag at all on ssd.

The long answer can be found here:

However, this error is a bit of a nothing. Under Tools, you can turn off the Scheduled Optimizations completely, or, just remove the SSD from the schedule.

The much bigger issue, imho, is the v2004 bug in Parity Storage Spaces which can cause data loss.