Windows 11 client only starts once after setup

I have the exact same issue.
Roon starts ONCE after setup.
Even restart after changing language leads to non-responding window.
Really annoying.

client restarts are possible as long as the Roon Core is not selected.
After that, restarts are not possible any more without de/reinstall of Client.
It’s also not enough to uninstall just “the configuration”.

Client: Win11 - all updates installed
Server: Qnap - last version of QPKG

I think it’s more than unworthy such an issue doesn’t get a response for many weeks.
Despite TeX there might not be a software around that doesn’t have some bugs.
But I guess a bug that doesn’t allow you to start an app more than once is really something that should be fixable fast.

hyper annoying.

Not sure what your issue is but try a clean install.

When you uninstall roon from win11 do you have anything in…

C:\Users<your name>\AppData\Local\Roon

If so try deleting the Roon folder and installing again, sometimes windows user profiles get messed up.

Hey @tagger, I split your post to a new topic so we can have a closer look. A few questions for you:

  • When you restart Roon does any of the UI load, or are you just seeing the Roon icon?
  • If you make it past the Roon icon, how far do you get before the UI freezes?
  • You’ve been a subscriber since 2020, do you recall any changes to your gear around the time this started happening?

And finally, I’m hoping you don’t mind grabbing some logs from the machine that’s freezing. You can use the directions found here and upload your logs using our File Uploader. Once we’ve got them uploaded I’ll have a look, thanks!

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