Windows 11 & Release 1.8 (903): Scrolling Issues and Random Crashing

Roon Core Machine

Newish i7 Thinkpad. 16Gb RAM. Being used both as core and remote

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Nest WiFi (mesh wifi)

Connected Audio Devices

Buchardt A500 with WiSA hub

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am experiencing a lot of random crashes on a newish i7 Thinkpad which is being used as both a core and a remote on a wifi mesh network. All content is Qobuz, no local content. I am away from home and this is how I normally use roon when away from home. At home I normally have a separate core and remote on a fixed ethernet network and local content as well. This instability has only occurred since the new 1.8 (903) release.

  1. There are no scroll bars on numerous editing screens with Windows 11. This seems to be all over the place but an example is the album editor.

  2. Scrolling of the queue has all sorts of problems. I used to be able to enter the “played” queue using an up arrow. Now I just get a rapidly flashing “upcoming” button. After two or three attempts at entering the queue with an up arrow roon will crash.

  3. I can get into the queue using the trackpad and finger gestures but then if I try to scroll up and down with up/down arrows the scrolling is very jerky, eventually the screen starts rapidly flashing. Roon will also crash after a few attempts at navigating the queue this way.

  4. If I am playing some music and then try to navigate to an artist/album or other part of the roon menu system, especially any attempt to edit, the current screen in focus will start rapidly flashing and roon will then crash.


I am also having these issues scrolling on a touch screen like on my Surface Pro got extremely juddery after the last update. And when i use the built in scroll acceleration to fling myself back to the top of the page Roon freaks out and has even crashed a few times doing it. Seeing similar issues on my desktop with a 3090 and i9 12900k so it don’t think this is a system performance issue, just appeared after the last update.

My 1.8.903 running on Euphony (Nuc 11th i7 16gb) also crashes while playing without interaction from Roon Remote.

This happens also to me, its goes err ‘Bananas’ at times when i either scroll or use ‘Go Back’ arrow & then crashes. Its never done this before.

Also, there are now no scrolling bars when editing an album, makes it do’able but harder.

Latest version Windows 11 (21H2 Biuld 22000.493) - Innuos Zenith 3 (Roon Core)

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