Windows 11 Roon app shows black screen (ref#J3WD30)

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· My Roon software won't start up

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My windows 11 Roon app gives a black screen.

I'm using a Salk Streamer as the Roon Core and sometimes use a MacBook Pro to control it. These work fine. My main PC runs windows 11 and shows a black window when I start Roon. I've uninstalled Roon, restarted, and reinstalled Roon. Still getting a black screen.

Describe your network setup

Starlink network, Windows PC and Salk Streamer are on the same ethernet switch. Macbook connects via Wifi on the Starlink router.

Have you tried and update your graphic drivers? It’s hard to troubleshoot without your hardware details.

Hi @Stan_Turski,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. I’ve reviewed diagnostics for your server and I’m seeing a number of network errors. Please tell me how you have your server connected to your router including the make and model of any network switches.

Both the server and the Windows PC are attached to the same Trendnet 1G ethernet switch. This switch is directly attached to to Starlink router. All devices on the home network, including wifi are on the same subnet. The server functions perfectly and can be accessed with my Macbook. I use a network share on the windows 11 PC to add music to the Salk Streamer, this works. It’s the Roon application on the Windows 11 PC that is failing.

Not sure what details you’d like. The PC is a home brew ASRock B650E Riptide / 7800x3d running windows 11 with 64M memory and a 7900xtx gpu. Windows 11 is fully updated, as are the AMD drivers, and Roon. Actually, backing off the latest updates are on my to-do list for today.

Let’s try reinstalling the remote on your Windows 11 machine. You can use these instructions to guide you.

I’d already uninstalled / reinstalled Roon once. Doing it a second time gave the same results. I backed off a weeks worth of Windows updates, uninstalled Roon (yet again), as well as AMD Adrenaline software and drivers. I installed just enough AMD drivers to make my display usable, then reloaded Roon. This was successfull. I updated Windows, checked again, then reinstalled AMD Adrenaline. It all works now. Best guess, either the Roon update messed with AMD software or an AMD driver update interfered with Roon.

Roon, Windows, and the AMD graphics driver are what updated in the last week.

@Stan_Turski same issue here. Running a 12700K and 7900 XT. The UI opened fine a few days ago but now also seeing the black screen. Re-install does not change results.

Here is my Roon UI. Minimized or Maxed, it still delivers a black screen however dragging my cursor over certain spots changes the icon to a point finger icon telling me the program is working but displaying the UI is not working properly

Yep, that is exactly what mine did. The “fix” for me was to uninstall AMD Adrenaline software and Roon, then install Roon first, then AMD. I have them both working; but the update processes don’t seem to like each other.

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