Windows 2019 Server Core Roon does not auto start

  • What’s not working
    I try difference way but the room still not auto run
    (i.e. enable windows auto login with admin ID and put the roon in auto startup folder)
    I need to login the PC to click the roon to startup the Roon upon my iPad can see the Roon
    otherwise keep searching …

  • How often the issue occurs
    every time

  • Details on your Core machine (OS, Hardware specs)
    I use x86 PC with 32G SLC M.2 and 2 x 16G RAM to install the windows server 2019 core (no GUI) and Roon software
    DAC I use JCAT USB to sotm tx-usbultrand to DAC
    Network I use JCAT NET card connect to my home Wifi router directly
    control I use iPad with room app via Wifi to connect the network to access the Roon (Audio PC)

  • Networking details (especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything
    IPad install Roon App to via wifi connected to the my home LAN network
    Audio PC with JCAT NET card via ethernet connected to the Wifi router to the same LAN network with iPad

  • Audio devices in use
    R2R DAC, Simaudio P5 and W5 AMP, JMLAB 926s spk, Sotm tx-usbultrand,

  • Library details (where your music is stored, whether you’re using a streaming service, how many tracks are in your library)

Music I use another 1T (SAMSUNG 970Pro) M.2 in my Audiio PC to stored my music

I use try license up to April 27, 2020 and target to submit 1year licensee,
appreciate you can help to adv the correct setup on or before 26 Apr

10000 x Thannks

Maybe try the Roon Server app - you can still run the Roon client on the desktop but if you are running headless this a better solution.

thanks for the reply,

i already install the roon server and the problem i gues the windows server 2019 i use core not the GUI version . so the windows after bootup only the cmd windows like linux no menu bar or any GUI windows . i cannot right click the icon .


I might be wrong here, but the Core version of Windows Server does not have audio capabilities afaik.
That wont work with most music playback software, but unsure how Roon Core would like it.
Interesting project though!

Thanks mate , now everything is good
i can play my music use roon.

the only problem was i need login my music pc to start the roon.

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