Windows 7 32bit play DSD512 issue

We use Roon to play the external USB sound card(Xmos inside) on the Windos 7 32 bit system. We find that Roon software sometimes prompts the device is disconnect when playing music, and then automatically connects it later. It also disconnects more frequently when playing DSD512 Native. There is no such problem on Windows 7 64 or Windows 10. Is it your known issue?

Could it be your audio driver is 64bit only support

Hi @cassini_zhuang,

Can you please provide some more information here?

  • What is the exact model/manufacturer of the DAC in question?
  • Have you tried a different USB cable yet?
  • What are the specs of the Core?
  • How often does this issue occur? Once a day? Once a week?
  • Are you using the newest build of Roon (build 416)?

– Noris

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