Windows 7 PC crashes after about 5 songs to blue screen of death

Only crashes when playing roon - fine with tidal on its own. Running out through a usb to M2tech converter so using the M2tech driver. No other software like JRiver running in background. Thinking maybe a windows 7 issue - would upgrading to windows 10 help?

still struggling with this. I upgraded to Windows 10 and re-installed the m2tech evo driver. No more blue screen of death, but Roon now just stops streaming the music. Shows music is playing but no sound and can’t use pause button to stop and restart. Exited out of Roon and now can’t restart Roon - beginning to think I need to re-install Roon and try that. Didn’t start doing this until last night - Saturday night - told my sister who is visiting it happened because she forced my to play April Wine, terrible terrible music and at this point just as likely the cause as anything else I can figure…

Bullsh!t! :wink:

And fwiw I’m on W7-64 with no major hiccups…

Loved First Glance.


After updating to Windows 10, make sure the device drivers are up to date for Win 10. Especially the graphics driver … I find it best to download from OEM website.

sorry about the April Wine but pretty awful stuff - was the case back in 80’s and still today!

have some much nicer Clapton playing now and Roon seems happier. Think the April Wine needs to go into quarantine here. Don’t think I have the problem fixed here yet - updated drivers all round - will see how long the Clapton streams for.

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I should mention that I seem to have solved problem with a combination of upgrading to windows 10 and updating my device drivers. Maybe me imagining things but I think music sounds a little bit nicer through windows 10, certainly all the programs and apps attached to Win10 are much nicer on the eyes. Thanks for the help yesterday - the lesson is just stay away from April Wine :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s working for you David. I started upgrading my PC to Windows 10 but got all nervous about how much info it wanted to send to various places and couldn’t get my video drivers working properly so I rolled back to 8.1. No doubt I will be a late adopter and upgrade once all the dust has settled and just before the free upgrade period expires.

Now you’ve got me intrigued by April Wine and I will have to listen to it. If it’s no good then we’ll blame Daniel (hiya @rugby !)

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