Windows 8 vs 10

What is everyone using with Roon and Hqplayer.Is one better then the other when using PC just as a music server.Doing a factory reset for Windows 8 should i leave it there or go to Windows 10 ? Thanks

Microsoft made lots of improvements from 8 -> 8.1 -> 10, particularly with respect to background activity and overall system performance (they were optimizing Windows for tablets, but that same sort of optimization is good for SQ and application performance in general, too).

I would not run anything but 10, personally.

Personally, I would go for Windows 10. It’s where Microsoft will be focusing for any future improvements, and it already has new memory techniques to improve performance over previous Windows OSes (including Windows 8).

Windows 8.1 had (IMO) a better user experience on tablets, but I’ve now moved all my systems over to W10 and would not go back.