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I am trying to use my PC as a remote. Whenever I try to set up the Roon software it tries to install as a core and then denies as I have only one license. How can I force it to not be a core? It never asks.

Roon Settings – Core Section – Click on disconnect.

If you can’t get to that screen, authorise your PC as the core and then click disconnect.
Once done, remote in to your “real” core and re-authorise that one.

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Well I don´t see any way to get through this. Her I am stuck

Roon must do better than this

Did you click on the Unauthorize icon? Doing that unauthorizes the current core and enables the one you are trying to run to be authorised.


in the upper left corner you should see this:

click “go back” and it should get you back tot he login page like this:

Click go back once more and you should see something like this (with your core listed where the whited out parts are):

You should be able to just click “connect”, this assumes that your core is running somewhere on the same network as your windows machine.


Hey @Orn_Orrason,

Thanks for letting us know where you got stuck - sorry about that. And thanks everyone for sharing valuable info to help :pray:

Clicking on Find my Roon Core (or just Connect) should allow you to use your PC as a remote:

Thanks, this works super helpful


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