Windows or iPad Controller - Device Setup crashes for somes devices

Hello @support,

When I try to open the device setup dialog, it opens for a second empty and closes immediately.
This only happens on some devices and not on all. It works fine on my iPad Pro.
Thanks in advance for your help. dp

Difficult to take a screenshot.

Am I the only one to have this problem ? Can I see something in the application logs ? If so, where are they ?

I found the logs: C: \ Users \ alr \ AppData \ Local \ Roon \ Logs
When I click on “Device Setup”, I have this line in the logs :

05/27 12:11:16 Info: Alert: Transport: playback_error_endpoint_lost

The reading stops and I have to do “play” to resume.
@support can I have your opinion ?

I go back to what I said in my first message, today I have the same problem with my iPad. I can no longer access “Device Setup” at all.

Hi @Dirk-Pitt ---- Thank you for the report and my sincerest apologies for the slow response here. The feedback is appreciated and again, my apologies for the tardiness.

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with a brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Additionally, based on your report it sounds like this behavior is being observed on your Roon remotes. During your troubleshooting of this issue have you tried reinstalling the application on the Windows and iPad pro remotes?


Hello @Dirk-Pitt,

Apologies from my end regarding the slow response here as well, just to add on to what @eric mentioned, after you have a chance to reinstall the application on your Windows and iPad pro remotes, can you please verify that your DAC (seems like it is a Pre Box S2 Digital from your screenshot) is powered on and connected before attempting to access that Device Setup page? The message “playback_error_endpoint_lost” seems to indicate that the device was powered off or the connection was lost before Roon was able to access it. If you try and access the Device Setup page for other devices you have connected to your Core, do those crash as well or is it only affecting the Pre Box S2 Digital? Is your Pre Box S2 Digital connected directly to your Core via USB or are you communicating to it in a different way (such as a Roon Bridge)? Please let me know your reply when you have a chance.


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Thank you both for your answer. I will send you the requested information as soon as possible.

That said, this morning I did some additional tests.

  • iPad Pro: the problem is present. I stop the application and restart it, the problem disappears.
  • PC: the problem is present. I reboot the PC, restart the application the problem disappears.

Unfortunately, the disappearance of the problem is only temporary. I turn off my PC every night and I see the problem every time I go to “Device Setup”. I must say that my network / end points configuration has not changed for several months and I did not see this problem with earlier versions of Roon Remote.

@noris: when the problem occurs, the DAC is powered on and playing. I do not have this problem onlly with the Pro-Ject Pre S2 Digital Box, but also with the FiiO Alpen E17, the audio output of the PC but not with the BlueSound modules.

For information : What DAC do you use with Roon?

@eric: here is the requested information.

  • image

  • image

  • HP Envy h8-1425ef

  • Music stored on Western Digital WDBBGB0040HBK-EESN attached ( USB ) to Intel NUC7I7BNH Barebone PC running ROCK.

  • The PC and NUC are connected to my Netgear WNR3500L router.

  • The FiiO Alpen E17 is connected ( USB ) to the NUC.

Hello @Dirk-Pitt,

Thank you for your reply and providing the additionally requested information. The next step here would be to determine why exactly Device Setup crashes and for that I have enabled Diagnostics Mode on your account. What this will do is that next time your Roon Core is active, a log report will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for review. After we receive the mentioned report, I will be submitting a case for you with our QA team to take a closer look at what could be causing the Device Setup tab to crash. I appreciate your patience here while we take a look at what could be causing this issue and I will be sure to let you know the QA’s team findings after they have completed their report.


Hello @Dirk-Pitt,

Thank you for your patience here while our QA team has reviewed the diagnostic report from your account. They replied back to me asking you to perform a RAATServer refresh to see if we can fix the issue you are experiencing. To perform this action I would like for you to do the following steps:

  1. Before anything, please make a backup of your Roon Database

  2. Next, please access ROCK’s webUI and stop the RoonServer process from running

  3. Once the RoonServer process has been stopped please connect to the ROCK and access the “Data” folder via another computer (i.e IP_ADDRESS_OF_ROCK/Data from your Windows Explorer). More information on how to perform this step can be found found here

  1. After you have accessed the “Data” folder please locate and rename the current “RAATServer” folder that’s in place to “RAATServer_old”.


  1. Now that the RAATServer folder has been renamed, start the RoonServer process again from the WebUI for Roon to generate a new RAATServer folder. Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue.


Hello @noris,

Sorry for not doing the test earlier but I was not home in the last few days. I did what you asked me, it looks good now. I will be watching this more closely this weekend. Thank you to you and the QA team.


Hello @Dirk-Pitt,

I’m glad that at least initially the RAATServer refresh seems to fix this issue. I have gone ahead and set a 2-week timer for this thread to automatically close, but if you experience any additional problems after the refresh feel free to let me know within this 2-week time-span on this thread or if anything else comes up unrelated to the original issue at hand, feel free to start a new thread. Thanks again for contacting support and hope you have a great day! :slight_smile:


Hello @noris,

Same problem on my PC just now, sorry. And this time, the advice you gave me (rename the directory) did not work. There is something else odd, everytime I do that my DAC connected to the NUC is no longer enabled. In addition, there are two at the configuration level:


Another strange thing that can help you. I told you that I do not have this problem on the BlueSound zones. If I try to open device setup on my “PC zone”, I have the problem. If I group this PC zone with a Bluesound zone, when I try to open device setup on this group, I have a dialog that asks me to choose the zone. If I choose my PC zone, I do not have the problem. This is reproducible.


Edit: the same thing happens if I group two zones that do not work alone.

Hello @noris, any news on this issue ? Thank you in advance for your reply. dp

Hello @Dirk-Pitt,

I apologize about the delay in getting back to you here, QA has analyzed your logs but unfortunately they don’t have any conclusive information about what’s going wrong here yet.

We also spent some time trying to reproduce your issue in our QA lab, but so far we have been not been able to reproduce the symptoms you’re describing.

Obviously, we are keeping this ticket open and continuing to do testing to see if we can understand why your setup seems to be behaving differently then the setups being used in our testing. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could temporarily run your Roon Core on the Windows machine and confirm whether this issue still occurs. You can do that by:

  • Making a backup
  • In Settings > General, clicking Disconnect
  • Selecting “This PC”
  • Logging in and De-authorizing ROCK
  • Adding some music and setting up the DAC with the same settings

It might also be worth connecting DACs to the Windows machine, and then confirming whether you’re seeing this issue both with any firewalls off and on. And, if you haven’t already, testing your devices with a new USB cable is a good idea.

Our testing here is still ongoing. I will be sure to update you once QA has a clear sense of next steps. Thanks for your patience here @Dirk-Pitt, we will be in touch once I have more information.


Thank you @noris for your answer. If you read carefully my last technical message (no error when the DACs are grouped), you can conclude like me that is probably not a cable problem but a software problem. That said I will try to do what you ask me as soon as I have some free time.