Windows Remot Desktop

It would be good to allow Roon to run when using Windows Remote Desktop.

Try Teamviewer instead, much better and free for home use. And it definitely works with Roon.

Roon does work with remote desktop, you just need to have Roon already running on the computer you want to remote desktop into, you cannot start Roon from a remote desktop. Just add Roon to the “startup” folder so it starts automatically and then you will have no problem using remote desktop. Works 100x better than splashtop and teamviewer.

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I use teamviewer all the time to remote in to start Roon Core and have never had an issue, I do not leave Roon running 24/7 on my Core machine so I need to be able to start the Roon Core from my Roon Remotes. So we will have to agree to disagree on which is the better remote software.

Have you actually used remote desktop or RD client for iOS. Teamviewer is beyond annoying, you need to reconnect every time you close your tablet, you need to click away the ads each time, the graphics are inferior to RD and RD client, and accessing the keyboard in team viewer is terrible, requiring 2+ clicks each time. The only good thing about teamviewer is the openGL support which allows you to start Roon like you mention, once Roon is running the RD stuff is world better. Thankfully though, in very short time, none of this will even matter since we will have the iOS app.

Well, I have never used RD client for IOS because I never use Apple products. When I refer to Remote Desktop I refer to the one included with Windows which is what the OP was using and I have to use daily at work. Teamviewer is worlds better than vanilla Windows Remote Desktop. I have used Teamviewer for Android and have had zero issues with it. Like I said, agree to disagree.

Try the latest RDP Client (Windows 10/Windows Server 2016). openCL is incl…

I ended up writing a little script that shutdown the RDP session on windows 8.1 and then starts Roon core, can either control that via my Mac via Roon Remote or start the RDP session again and use Roon from there. I agree with others findings of Team Viewer, not nearly the same experience as RDP IMHO.

You will either have to run the upcoming RoonServer that will be released with version v1.1 (it has no user interface, and thus drops the OpenGL requirement), or use a different remote desktop solution that does not act as a virtual video driver like RDP does (which kills OpenGL support).

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