Windows remote running slowly

I’ve got the same problem. Roon Remote behaves fine on every other device including my ancient ipad Mini 2 and 6yr old 15" Macbook Pro.
Core is Roon Rock running on a separate Micro PC.
My Win 10 PC is the only platform running slowly.

PC system Specs are as follows:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Ryzen 3600
16GB 3200mhz Ram
Nvidia 3080

Drivers are all up to date and both drives are m.2 Samsung Evo something NVME.

I’ve uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled several times without any success.
This Pc is really very fast for pretty much anything except Roon Remote at the moment.

Hi @Rich_Watson

Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers? Any change after doing so?

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Thanks Dylan,

This may or may not be useful information but I found when there is a window in the foreground but I still have control over the Roon window, it scrolls normally and without issue. The moment I select the Roon window again however, back to slow city.

Anyway I’ll try uninstalling/reinstalling the graphics drivers now.


This did indeed work!
I had recently switched from an Nvidia 2060 Super to a 3080, perhaps there were some driver overhangs.
Thank you for the solution.


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