Windows Remote Weirdness

I have Roon setup as a remote on two different Windows 10 machines.

Machine 1: NUC – i5 processor, 1.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit OS HDMI audio output
Machine 2: Desktop – i7 porocessor, 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit OS, outboard USB audio

On machine 1, the “radio” function does not work at all. The queue plays, then I get a message saying that there is nothing to play. Radio says that it will start in 0.00 seconds, but it does not.

On machine 2, the radio function works; however, the “up next” title is not what actually plays next – it is wrong 100% of the time so far.

I should note that I also use an iPad as a remote, which seems to work without issue (Bryston and Apple TV zones). The problem is that the iPad remote does not recognize the windows based audio systems as an audio zone.

Which machine is running the Roon Core and which machine is running Roon client?

Neither machine runs core. Core runs on a third machine (dedicated). That machine is i7 at 3.4 GHz with 8 GB of RAM with an SSD drive (fanless).

Can Machine 2 play audio to Machine 1 attached zone?

Can you post a screenshot of your Settings>Audio tab?

Cheers, Greg

I’m thinking it’s the resolution bug

What is Roon remote doing on the nuc? Would it not be better to run RoonBridge on that?

Computer 1 - Radio

Computer 1 - Audio settings

Computer 2 - Audio settings

And no, machine 2 cannot play to machine 1 or vice versa

Machine 2 audio detail

“What is Roon remote doing on the nuc? Would it not be better to run RoonBridge on that?”

Not sure what bridge is supposed to do, but installing it on the NUC did nothing.

Hi Daniel,

What is the resolution bug? I’m not sure what you mean.

Cheers, Greg

There’s a few things happening. Let’s not worry about Radio just yet.

On computer 1, are you able to go into Album View and see the library? Are you able to play any music? i.e… click on an album and press Play Album and the click Play (which will clear anything in your queue and load the album).

On computer 1 and 2, can you play music to the Bryston or Airplay?

Each remote should be able to play to all the other remotes (except you can’t play audio to the iPad). You show the Playback Tab on computer 2. On the General Tab, do you have Private Zone checked (how about computer 1 as well)?

Roon Bridge is used to make the computer an Audio Zone without needing to run the full Roon app. Don’t run both on the same machine. If Roon app is still on the NUC, then uninstall Roon Bridge.

Cheers, Greg

Just to followup. In the configuration to which this thread refers, Roon kinda settled down and started to perform as expected (radio working on my windows machines; “up next” right about 50% of the time). This morning, after doing some more reading, I’ve put Roon SERVER on my headless Windows machine – the 3rd dedicated machine – (uninstalled ROON). I changed that system priority to focus on background tasks, and set audio analysis to FAST on my iPad remote.

With this configuration, ROON bridge on my laptop showed up immediately on my iPad remote. Once the audio analysis completes I’ll be fiddling with my two other Windows remotes, but so far so good!

This forum’s been very enlightening. Thanks!