Windows Roon Bridge not visible to ROCK

I recently installed a ROCK, and would like to play my music on my Windows PC. I installed Roon Bridge. When I run Roon Bridge, nothing seems to happen, and I do not see the PC as an audio output device.

I checked that Roon, RoonBridge, and RAATServer are all allowed through the Windows firewall, per this post. There are no error messages (or any output at all!) from running Roon Bridge, so it’s not clear what the issue is. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

I’ve moved your post across to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of Roon’s Support team.

Hi @Jeffrey_Gray,

Can you provide some details on your networking setup? What router is in use? Other networking gear? Is the Windows device on the same subnet as the ROCK machine?

Both the PC and the Rock are hardwired to a switch, and they are on the same subnet. There’s a TP-Link AC1200 set up as an Access Point, and the PC’s connection goes through that device too, or through WiFi (it’s a laptop)

The router is Xfinity’s top router, Technicolor cgm4140com.

Roon works on the PC, communicates with the Rock fine, regardless of whether the PC is docked with hard-wired Ethernet, or via Wifi.

Nevermind! Now it’s working. Go figure. Have not changed a thing.

I’ll let you know if I have trouble again. Thanks anyway.

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