Windows Roon - music continues after remote is closed

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 on Intel NUC
Roon 2.0 1353

Networking Gear & Setup Details

fully wired

Description of Issue

I thought I’d try running Roon off my Windows PC with the new background server. Very strangely, if I close the Roon front end on Windows while music is playing to my PC’s speakers, playback continues. Seems very odd?

That’s because the server is now a separate process even in the all-in-one Roon. It’s normal behavior for everyone who already used the separate server before, like with Nucleus, ROCK, or others.

It’s considered a good thing because the music does not stop should the Roon GUI crash or if you inadvertently exit the GUI app


that’s what I figured, just seems strange behaviour on a desktop PC if the music is playing to local speakers. With any other media playback software, closing the front end terminates playback. Easy to work around, just have to fight against muscle memory to remember to click pause before closing the remote window.

Roon can’t do anything that someone won’t find wrong.
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Now: “Why does the music not stop when the GUI exits?”



I have several remotes, including my wife’s phone. All can control the currently playing music. May want to shut down the computer while music is playing and use the android tablet, for one scenario.

I like and am used to the way Roon handles playback this way. Yesterday I was listening to music from Apple Music. When I closed my laptop lid, the music stopped. Out of habit, I expected it to continue playing.

After I start playing something at home using phone as a Roon end point, I just close the app. This way it doesn’t drain thre battery.

As people have noted, it’s the client/ server architecture. It’s (thankfully) not a traditional media player in that regard.

Think of it this way. You open up acrobat reader and print the file. You then close the reader. Do you expect the printer to stop. No.

The remote is just like a print queue manager. It can add files to the queue and manipulate the queue. The print spooler independently processes the files inn the queue.

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If the zone is private, then playback should stop as soon as you close Roon Remote. This is how it is on iOS and iPadOS Remotes, when playing to private zone, e.g. the iPhone or iPad itself.
Behaviour should be same on Mac and Windows.
@ACvitus - the speakers on your Windows PC, are they a private or public zone?

Sorry, @Vladislav_Dobrev, but this is not correct. Whether a Zone is Private or not has no bearing on this.

The key is understanding where the running Roon Server is.

If the running Roon Server is on a Windows PC, then playback will continue on all Zones controlled by that server when the Roon UI is closed.

If, however, the running Roon Server is elsewhere, and playback is to a Zone set up on the Windows PC using either the System Output, WASAPI, ASIO or USB-connected devices then those Zones will only be active (and seen by the Roon Server) while the Roon UI is running on the Windows PC.

Closing the Roon UI will stop playback on those Zones, private or not.

The same holds for Roon/RoonServer on MacOS.


OK, I was wrong then.

thanks, this is exactly what I encountered. I normally have Roon Server running from my ROCK NUC, and when I close Roon on my PC, playback to the PC speakers is terminated. This did not happen when I tried out Roon Server on the PC. I was expecting the same behaviour from closing the GUI, but based on what you’re saying the difference in playback outcome when the GUI is closed is intended behaviour.

Makes sense, which was a point I overlooked. I always have the Roon server with GUI open and run on a Windows box in a set-it-and-forget-it way. (I used to run Roon server with no GUI, then it stopped working. That’s before the latest release with the change.)

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