Windows Roon Server / iPad client

I have am running a Windows 10 Roon core server and my iPad Roon client can see but will not connect to the core server.
What am I doing wrong?
The core server is setup to accept remote connections.

You need to give some more information, screenshots perhaps.
What do you mean by “can see”.
What do you mean by cannot connect?
The music does not play through the iPad but to a remote device like AirPlay or Squuezebox or a DAC etc connected to the win 10 PC.
Where are you sending the music to?


Hi Jim,

Have a look at this thread which contains common remote connection issues. Most of the time it is a firewall issue.

If you are still experiencing problems after reading that, then post again here with system details and I will shift this thread into Support for some individual attention by the Support devs.