WIndows script to copy Roon Backup?

I’m getting ready to write what should be a simple Windows .bat or .ps1 (script) file to copy my NUC’s RoonBackup directory to my main PC’s drive so it can be backed up to the cloud.

This is what I have… Ran it, but I was surprised to see how many files (>6000!) were in the RoonBackup folder: (I did a net use r: for my Rock\data folder)

  1. r:
  2. cd Storage
  3. cd Roon_Music_BUFFALO_HD-LXU3_02070000275B_5614-68FD-p1
  4. xcopy RoonBackups c:\RoonBackupNUC /s
  5. pause

Hi Dan

Seems like a long way round - why not just set up a Dropbox account and have Roon do the backup automatically? Any particular reason why you want to make this a multi- step process ?

Honestly, to save money.

That’s always a valid reason :grinning:

However, my Dropbox account is free … not a huge amount of storage, but enough for my Roon backups (and yes, there can be a LOT of files . . )

I would strongly recommend using robocopy (also included in Windows) instead of xcopy. It will skip the files that haven’t changed and other good stuff.

I agree, free dropbox account may be the way to go. However, if you’re going to do it then like cwichura said - Robocopy is far better than xcopy.
Then, I would use another free program - 7-Zip to compress all of those backup files to one zip file. Run a second script with something like 7z.exe a c:\ c:\path to backed up files*. will do the trick. Leaving you with 1 file to deal with

+1 on robocopy - I use it at work to back up my work PC to a file server and forgot how well it works :slight_smile: