Windows Server 2019 Dropouts

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

-Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation GUI
-Intel Xeon E3 1240L V5
-Mainboard AsRock C236 WSI

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Intel i219 on Board an LAN CARD Intel i350T2 V2

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

IPAD (for testing) over WLAN

Description Of Issue

I have made a completly new setup of windows server 2019. All Updates are loaded.
LAN updated (test with Updates and without). First no Connection was possible Firewall Settings make the Roon Core visable and a Connection possible. But after playing 1 Minute or somtimes longer there are dropouts and roon skips to the next song an so on…
I also use Audiophile Optimizer. Tested with AO AND without AO; with the same result!
AO anables Roon by installing Codecs but no difference. Windows 10 and Win Server 2016 were installed two day before. Both run without problemes. I spend a lot of time with testing; different OS (Win 10/Server 2016/Server 2019). Please help i am tired of testing without access.

Yesterday I configured my Roon Core as Roon Bridge and my Windows 10 PC as Server. Everything works fine although the Server sends and receive over an old USB Wlan Stick. So it seems that everything on the Hardware side is Ok. It must be something on the Software side…

Have you tried disabling the firewall on the server?

The default firewall settings on a Windows Server is set to “Public”. You will have issues to be able to connect to it from a endpoint. You will need to change it to “Private” or just disable it or edit the firewall ports. Setting it to Private is your best option.


Hi MikeD,
thank you for your response. I tried to set the Firewall to Privat with the same result: Dropouts.
Even when I deactivate the Firewall completely; it’s the same problem. Its crazy…

Is this on the same hardware?


i have a very similar Setup. Windows Server 2019 Standard GUI; but I stream from Qobuz or Tidal; same thing! Stream starts and run sometimes 15 Minutes but mostly not longer than 1 Minute and than breaks…
I also tested Win Server 2016 and Win 10 not very long but also there were no Problems. It seems to be an Win Server 2019 Problem? Right?
I started the Topic:
“Windows Server 2019 Dropouts”
but now I saw this Topic…
Are there some new findings to this Problem?

Yes it was the same hardware. Here are my Windows Defender/Firewall settings.

Hi @Jakob_Potker,

We took a look at Windows Server 2019 in the lab and we weren’t able to get Roon running using a standard install procedure on Windows Server 2019.

As per our Minimum Requirements. Windows Server 2019 is not an officially supported platform, so I have moved your thread over to #tinkering.

Hey Jakob.
I did not further investigate too much besides changing settings in my network adapter based on Google searches. This issue was so “inconsistently” appearing that I then just stopped investigating and did not use any WiFi endpoint anymore for Roon.

However, a few weeks ago a new firmware for my router was released and it seems it made a difference. After reading your question I started to listen to Roon more on my iPhone/iPad and until now it seems to work fine (as far as I know, I did a “standard install procedure” on Windows Server 2019 btw).
So it might be worth checking your router firmware (and the Roon KB has some input on settings in the Router/Network device in Windows).

Hallo Hans_Stahlhelm,

Du sprichst wahrscheinlich auch Deutsch; richtig?
Danke für deine Tips. Die Idee mit dem Router Update hatte ich gestern auch schon. Ich hab einen Telekom Speedport Smart 3 da läßt sich nicht viel einstellen. Hab so einiges ausprobiert:
-Datenschutz deaktiviert
-Firewall deaktiviert
-neustes Update installiert
und weiterhin keine Veränderung.
Jetzt hab ich Windows Server 2016 installiert und alles läuft ohne Probleme. Vlt liegt es daran das mein Mainboard Hersteller ASRock C236 WSI bisher nur Treiber bis Widows Server 2016 anbietet…Wer weiß…

Aber Danke für deine Hilfe…

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