Windows service

I wish Roon would start on Windows as soon as the computer started. Having it run as a Windows service would be great.

@cgw - Not with Roon, but I believe you will see this feature when they release their “headless” version.


Add Roon to your start up folder

Headless is coming so this will be a standard option.

Here are the instructions on how to add any program to the startup.

Auto-starting on login will be a standard feature of RoonServer (the “headless” Roon Core).

However, we won;t run as a Windows service. That usually has annoyances related to SMB access, so you will need to setup your Mac/Windows machine to auto-login as a user.

That said, the RoonServer runs in the OS X menubar or the Windows System tray (that thing in the lower right), and from there you can quit or set the “Launch on Startup” option.

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