Windows startup (system service?)

Hi Daniel can you please tell me if you run Roon in the background and keep the nuc always open can you wake it up from iOS app or android app? planning to purchase nuc or Mac mini don’t know much how they work.Thank you very much

I keep my headless NUC (i5, 500 GB m.2 + 2 TB SSD) on all the time, boots into RoonServer. Idle it draws 47 W.

RoonServer has an option to auto start and runs as a service in Windows. There are apps for Wake on LAN (WoL) for Android and iOS devices, but I haven’t used them.

Edit: Actually RoonServer runs as a background process (2 in fact) not a service.

My RoonCore either runs 24/7 or I purposefully turn it on and off. I never put server hardware to sleep.

Is that so? I’m running RoonServer, but I see no Windows Services corresponding to it? The RoonServer and RoonAppliance applications are started up with [the user logging into] Windows, and are running as background processes, but these are not Windows Services, I don’t think?

Edit: evand pointed out that these applications don’t start when Windows starts, but when the user logs in. Correction made.

That’s correct. The method @andybob refers to requires a user to login in order for Roon to be launched.

Yes, Evan is correct. My apologies.

just wish I knew how to get Roon firing up as a service. Tried the guidance re nssm but I think because of my eternal wisdomin setting win2012 r2 up as domain controller it doesn’t like having an alternate account login.

We decided not to go with the system service because it normally doesn’t have access to things like user permissions for SMB mounts or desktop services. We did this back in the early Sooloos days, and it caused nothing but issues.

@evand: Can I ask why you can’t run as your admin account on your 2012 server?

But this means that the server will not start if no user is logged in and it will stop when every user logs of, right?

Correct. That’s part of the requirement of access to user permissions.

And that’s why the KB has a page on setting up auto-login for headless servers

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