Windows Surface Book for remote and playback?

I am normally a Mac user but recently purchase a Windows Surface Book to replace my Macbook Pro and iPad Pro. Love the new machine and it works really well as a Roon Remote.

However, When I try to add it as a playback point for Roon, nothing referencing it shows in the list of audio options. Is there something I need to do first to make it show as a playback option?

I am using the same and I get 3 standard option as shown here - AIR is a specific Devialet one which you might not have.

Nick is your Roon running on that machine or is it a remote?

Nick’s screenshot is of a Remote as it distinguishes “Connected to this PC” from “Connected to Core”.

Hi Steve as Andrew says it is a remote, but I have also used it as a master/server with the same results.

I see no local devices in my list of options…

Do you have any firewall and/or security software enabled on the Surface Book – and if so, could you disable it all for now?

Steve, if you right click on the sound icon at the bottom right and left click on playback devices do you get this

I get two options, one for headphones, and one the same as your third option down, the Relatek High Definition (SSI). To be clearer, the bottom two options you have are what I have, nothing more.

No firewall that I am aware of, it is a week old and I have not enabled anything like that.

Steve do you know how to use the snipping tool and if so can you cut out and upload a snip of your audio setup screen like this

Also you say you have removed your MacBook and iPad, where is your music stored now and what is running as your core machine or roonserver.

No idea how to screen capture on a PC, Mac no problem.

My music is still sitting where it always has, on my iMac. I can connect to it on the PC and play music on other devices connected to the iMac, but not on the PC.

Suggest you shut down both Roon Remote and Roon Server apps on their respective machines

The Restart Roon Server

When that’s finished, restart Roon Remote

Go into Settings on your Remote and you’ll likely see the “Connected to this PC” option is now visible

I have tried that a number of times, with no luck.

You need to do it in the exact order as above…if you haven’t done so already

i.e. Start Server…allow to fully startup…then start Remote

The Windows Firewall is likely started automatically by default…it’s worth turning off the Firewall to help diagnose the issue here

Go to bottom left hand corner of screen and click on Search icon…type in “Control Panel”

In the Dialog box that comes up…type Firewall in the Search bar in the top right hand corner

This should allow to see if it’s turned on or not…and set it to Off for the moment

OK done, that, no change…