Windows Surface Book for remote and playback?

Roon is ticked to allow it through the firewall.

You’ll need to allow for the RAATserver process as well.

I just removed Roon from mine and re installed it to check and it all works fine with standard settings on mine. I have an IT company and fix PC’s for people and companies all the time I could log in and look if you liked.

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Simultaneously press the Windows key and the PrtScn key, that will capture the whole display and put it in the Pictures folder. There are other, more specific approaches…

The one thing I notice different to Nicks ROON audio options is that Nicks has WASAPI under each device, I do not. Could this be the issue? (Although looking at Nicks SOUND PREFERENCES panel, it is the same as mine…confused.

OK found the problem. As stated earlier it is in fact a FIREWALL issue. If I turn off the firewall it works, I can setup the built in audio, turn it off, it goes away. Look at attached image I have allowed ROON.exe to go through the firewall (not sure why there are two but they were in fact both already there, and it seems to make no difference.

I am also not sure why they are called ROON.exe, I would have thought they were installer files? I have tried adding the ROON app, but can not find it when searching to add it to the allowed apps. Yet ROON is installed and working? Now I know why I have used Macs for so many years!

You have to allow RAATserver through too, as per Rene’s post above.

GOT IT! Thank you all, great community, problem solved! Cheers one and all!