Windows to Linux transition?


Been using Roon about 2 years. I have audio on 3 8TB external drives, currently my roon core / server is my desktop PC but Id like to plug those drives into my server instead and run roon in a Docker. How do I go about making sure roon can figure out the windows to linux path translation with the least amount of difficulty. I am not changing the drive layouts or anything.

Everything else is already on my server so theres no reason just my music library should be chilling on my desktop.

Hi @Eve_Fox,

The most important thing is to make a backup before making any changes. Once you’ve made a backup, follow these instructions and you’ll be up and running with the new setup in no time.

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f*cking rad, that worked really easily.

Thanks <3

Much better running it on my server than my main desktop, starting roon with more than 500k tracks is slow af.

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