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Description of Issue

I just installed an HP EliteOne 800 G2 Touch AIO with Windows 21H2.
I mean to use it as a large touchscreen Roon Control so i also downloaded Roon x64 for Windows.

Problem is, with Roon in full screen mode, the setting to enable automatic desktop keyboard does not seem to work?

This wasn’t working with b918 and while i was fiddling around b923 was made available.
But still no go?

What am i or Roon missing here?
If i click the “spy glass” and the text field and cursor becomes visible, so should the OSK (OnScreen Keyboard), right? Or if i tap on the Core name on the same Settings page?

Gotta be something to do with your PC’s settings.
Roon setting is the same here and I have a Wacom One pen tablet display connected to my core and the on screen keyboard pops up when highlighting input fields.

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Thanks for the input! You made me go look further into Windows settings and i found the Tablet settings, which i had forgot initially!
Thanks for putting me on the right track! :slight_smile:


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