Windows Update Discussion

Well, considering that pretty soon the automatic update will move you to Windows 11, probably a wise idea. But, not a simple button and beyond the skill for most people. If you do, you might post a how-to in Tinkering for others.

Hi Daniel, you’re right about it not being a box ticking exercise.
There are so many variations that many might not bother to attempt disabling the auto-update.

The following link, to Windows central, is a good guide and some of the easier options might be sufficient for those unfamiliar the various system configuration options:-

Stop Win10 auto update

I would advise against the registry editing options if unfamiliar with the process as a small mistake can result in “brick walling” the PC.

My option of choice is to use Windows Enterprise LTSC. :smiley:

I don’t think that’s a good idea if you care about security.

Not viable for mere mortals :grin:

I do care about security & have a hardware firewall installed :+1:t3:

There’s more to security than external attacks, right? Keeping your bits up to date is just defense in depth. Fixing a broken Roon is different than having to pay ransom. What you do with your machines is up to you, but telling people to disable their OS updates on a forum goes way beyond that.

With the greatest respect, I am familiar with network & system security having spent my working life in the business. The purpose of this topic was to draw attention to a problem and make Roon users aware of it.


I thought the heads-up came with the recommendation to disable OS firewall and updates in order to keep Roon happy for people who are less familiar with network and security. If I misunderstood, I apologize.

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I have moved the discussion part about disabling updates to the Tinkering section where I had suggested it go originally. That will let people know that they do so at their own risk.