Windows Vista, Roon & Devialet AIR

Would a Windows Vista PC or laptop run Roon Bridge, or otherwise work satisfactorily as a Roon End Point? I am aware that it is a fairly old operating system, but I recall that Devialet’s otherwise troublesome AIR streaming used to work perfectly on my old Vista PC. Devialet AIR software is still available for Vista. I am sure a Windows Vista machine would not work well (if at all?) as a full Roon server. Are there any Roon options that would run say on an old Windows Vista laptop together with Devialet AIR?

Try it and see. I suggest using the 32 bit version of Roon to start. And set it up as a client. I would not suggest running it as a server.


Does the laptop’s graphics card support Open GL 3?

I’m asking as if not that would be a show stopper for running Roon’s user interface.

Open GL 3? To be honest, I have not got a clue! I will need to investigate. (My friend google has informed me of what OpenGL3 actually is)

Just to clarify, I am sure that what was a fairly low spec Windows Vista laptop will not have a chance of working satisfactorily as a full Roon server. However, is OpenGL3 required for both Roon Bridge and for use as a Roon Endpoint?

Thanks for the input!

Hi again Brian,

Google; my day job is software development and Goggle comes to my rescue most days :blush: :

Any form of Roon that runs a GUI interface requires OpenGL3, so that’s:

  • Roon
  • Roon Remote (this is Roon but running as just a user interface i.e. no core function)
  • Roon Phone App

The ones that don’t are:

  • Roon Server
  • Roon Bridge

So it should be possible to install Roon Bridge on it and use it as an audio endpoint.
Control of what’s play would of course be controlled by Roon or Roon Remote on another device.

What are you / do you intended to run Roon (or Roon Server on)?

Carl - I think all is crystal clear here now, thanks. To answer your question, I am already running Roon perfectly on an HP ‘all in one PC’. Not the highest spec machine on the planet, but it does have a very large touch screen, and Roon runs well and looks good. The issue I have is with Devialet AIR, which sounds good but is a little unstable. (this issue has nothing to do with Roon!) However, historically, AIR has run perfectly on Windows Vista machines. So my thought is, run Roon on my lovely Windows 10 HP PC, but use my old Windows Vista laptop Roon bridge (or an End Point?), with Vista running Devialet AIR, and hence providing stability to AIR. I think this should work, the only problem is that my diary is looking utterly jam packed. So it may be some time before I get 'round to trying this.