Wired LAN Squeezebox SB2-classic seen but no music from Roon-Core, SB3-duet on same LAN plays fine

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core v1.8 hosted on QNAP QGD-1600 running QTS-v5 , x86_64 cpu with 32gigs ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon-Core v1.8 host connects with wired ethernet on the same subnet as the Squeezebox SB2 and SB3 endpoints… my semi-managed switch on the LAN is fine, the router and pfSense are not an issue either.

Connected Audio Devices

Squeezebox SB2-classic (lovely blue Vacuum Florescent Display) and newer SB3-duet headless. Both use wired ethernet on the same subnet as the hosted Roon-Core running on QNAP QTS-v5

Number of Tracks in Library

33k tracks, mostly MP3’s no FLAC

Description of Issue

Searched and read other threads on the Roon Forum regarding Squeezebox/Roon issues for a solution to my own issue: connection problems with Squeezebox version-2 classic device (SB2-classic), while SB-version3 device (SB3-duet) connects without issues to Roon Core v1.8 hosted by a QNAP QGD-1600 nas/switch with 32gigs ram running the latest QTS-v5 OS.

After much testing, I suspect Roon Core does not treat SB2-classic devices in the same manner as SB3 type devices. Years ago I worked for a US defense contractor in their computer systems engineering dept and have experience debugging hardware/software systems issues. Skills are rusty but not entirely dimenuted.

SYSTEM SETUP: My two SB2 devices are type = classic, with blue vacuum florescent displays. Their connections to the Roon Core host are hardwired ethernet on the same local subnet. Both SB2’s work well when the same QNAP host device runs LMS v8.2. With LMS disabled the Roon Core connects fine to my SB3 (duet) device and plays music well, also using an ethernet connection on the same subnet as the host and SB2 endpoint devices.

PROBLEM Description: My SB2-classic devices are “seen” by Roon Core (v1.8) and when selected, display the Roon circular logo on their blue florescent display panels. Attempting to play music on my SB2 devices, which Roon incorrectly identifies in it’s config window as an “SB3” device, the song title of the MP3 file is displayed and play time in seconds incremented on the blue VFD, however no audio signal leaves the back of the SB2 DAC RCA connectors, verified by trying two amplifiers and headphones. With no physical changes to this setup, when LMS is enabled, both SB2 devices play music just fine and are correctly identified by LMS as SB2-classic devices.

I am aware that SB2-classic’s have output audio signal attenuation issues caused by degraded electrolytic capacitors in the DAC output stage signal path, which I haven’t gotten around to addressing yet (signal loss is approx 40% … still usable somewhat on the modest quality amp they drive, while my SB3-duet with no signal attenuation issue drives my Martin Logan SL3’s via an AB amp). As mentioned, LMS has no problems generating audio from the SB2-classics, while Roon Core can not do the same with the same physical setup. I am pretty sure the SB2-classic’s were pointed to the Roon-Core “music library” and switched back to the LMS music library, but my notes do not make that as clear as I would like.

Wondering if any other Squeezebox SB2-classic owners running Roon-Core are able to successfully play audio ? Can Roon-Core integrate both SB2-classic and newer SB3 devices into the same multi-room music network ?

Ultimately, I would like to also include my inexpensive Insignia WiFi portable (internal LiON powered) chromecast speakers into my multi-room music network synced with the Squeezebox endpoints. LMS v8.2 with the CastBridge v1.80 plugin can do this, though admittedly the setup is tricky and understandably there is a slight delay playing sync’ed music on the Insignia WiFi speakers compared to the amplifiers driven by the SB2 and SB3-duet devices. I can live with some delay on the WiFi speakers which are in rooms further from the main music system: my metal shop in the garage, guestroom …etc.

Roon seems quite full featured in the third day of my 14-day free trial window and I would like to purchase it to replace LMS, though the Material-Skin plugin helps update LMS reasonably well IMHO. If LMS is the only music server able to drive my older SB2-classics, SB3-duet and the odd collection of Insignia Portable WiFi chromecast speakers then I need to stay with this older system. The Martin Logan SL3’s don’t care, so I should be grateful I’ve been able to keep them in good repair thru the years and just enjoy the wonderful music they produce.


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