Wired Router Recommendations

Wondering if using a wired router with access points would be beneficial with Roon and Tidal.Is anyone using wired routers and any recommendations.Already have 2 Unifi Nano HD AP.

Wired router versus WiFi?

Wired is usually better, but WiFi can be very good

I suppose you could stay within the Unifi ecosystem and get an USG. I have a similar setup (including the nanoHD) and it works perfectly. Wired is definitely the way to go.

I was looking at the USG but read it slows down internet speeds ?

Only if you turn on the IDS/IPS options. I have usg3 and get full 1gbps Speedtest results on wired connections.

okay thanks for the reply

Same here. I get about 1gbps. I don’t need IDS/IPS.

One of the things I love about UniFi is the details you can see on the whole system. I have a very heavy use of units, both switches and ap’s

I really do like there products.Have the 2 nano hd ap and a 8 port 60 watt switch.

As I understand it, the new ‘Dream Machine’ allows greater throughput with IDS/IPS enabled - I’m not sure I’d be leaping onto that bandwagon though as the forums also seem full of chatter about replacement USG products.

Yes have read up on the dream machine.But already have two ap points don’t really need a wireless router.It does seem like a great product though.

Another plus-one for UniFi here. I have an all-UniFi system at home (I designed it into the construction). Several Pro APs, switches, USG, etc. Honestly, the system is much more stable and predictable than the Cisco system at work.

My USG works fine with Verizon Fios gigabit, even running several VLANs. I keep HomeKit devices on their own VLAN, I have a UniFi device management VLAN, etc. No problems at all. Unreservedly recommend.

Do you have anything configured with multicast and broadcast traffic with the switches.In roon network they say to allow multicast and broadcast traffic with managed switches ?

Nothing special set… normal defaults as I recall…not sure if this helps for Lan Settings

DHCP Snooping is ON

Another happy UniFi USG use here. Whole system is rock solid.


Big thumbs up for Unifi. I have their XG8 gateway and a bunch of switches and APs. Rock solid and great performance. And you can maintain and set options for all devices through a unified UX.

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Did you change your DNS server settings on the USG.

Can’t remember what the default was but I’ve set them to, and

Do you have a screen shot as were to enter or info ? Research shows so many diif ideas.Thanks

Used to have Unifi, but switched to Sonicwall TZ400. It has 8 Lan ports so you might be able to skip another switch. No POE.

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