WIRED thinks all hi-fi audio is streamed through a phone

Just saw this article on WIRED. Seems to decide that a phone is the delivery device for hi-res audio. Though it does mention WiFi speakers with built-in streaming apps as an alternative. Articles like this are interesting pictures of how audiophile concerns are viewed from the outside.

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No doubt high resolution matters, but to what extent. I believe CD quality is usually good enough, and that often depends on the recordings. I have a DAP with CD quality, high-res, and MP3 (streaming) options. Sirius XM will work in a pinch, but you can certainly notice the higher quality recordings sound better.

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Well, they dont really distinguish between using your phone as a streamer (local playback) and using your phone to manage streaming (connected playback) or as a UI to control a streamer (like Roon).

I don’t think things like Roon are even in their picture, here.