Wireless Head Roon station

Would this be a solution for a wireless Roon headphone setup?
RPi + RoPieee + PiJuce + Meridian Explorer² or Audioquest Dragonfly + corded headphone.
You would need a different OS to program the PiJuce though.

If it is just to run your headphones, I would just use the meridian or dragonfly out of your tablet or phone.
Not sure what the Pi gets you as you will still need a remote to control playback.
Just seems to be making it more complicated than it needs to be.??

Was about to buy a RPi and the PiJuice to use with RoPieee as a headless bridge to feed my Mojo for a portable headphone rig in house. I know zero about RPi tho. It comes as a shock to me the PiJuice needs to be programmed. :frowning: could you take a few moments and help this newb out about this? Thanx.