Wireless HQPlayer NAA - DSD512 and PCM768kHz over WiFi

In case anyone is looking for a really good and low powered wireless HQPlayer NAA solution

I just got this USB 3.0 to WiFi adapter for RPi4 and it works great at PCM768k / DSD512x48k

It features MediaTek MT7612U chipset and DietPi 64-bit has the MT7612U driver built-in. Nothing to do, to get the driver working. Just works out the box.

DietPi 8.7.1 is running kernel 5.15 and supports latest 64-bit Bullseye NAA v4.2.3

I have the RPi4 powered by a 1Amp powerbank at the moment streaming DSD512 wireless

cc @MichaIng - a good WiFi adapter to recommend with DietPi + RPi4

Any WiFi adapter featuring MT7612U is likely to work just as well but this is what I have working:


Just for a point of reference, have you tried using RopieeeXL with internal RPi4 WiFi enabled? How did that performance compare to using this dongle?

Works for me with DSD 256.

Yep but as per the thread title, its about DSD512.

Which is double the bandwidth you are using there.

Well, excuse me for chiming in.

In terms of RPi4’s onboard WiFi, DietPi vs RoPieee won’t be any different, so no, haven’t tested RoPieee.

I purchased the dongle because onboard WiFi had some issues.

But it would depend on how your WiFi is at home I guess. I think on 5GHz AC onboard WiFi was ok max 10ft away from access point, no walls in between. But onboard 2.4GHz couldn’t cope with DSD512

This adapter is working better for me.

There’s a few MT7612U chipset adapters to choose from. Cheap enough to try , if having issues with onboard WiFi