Wireless Remotes Not Connecting to Roon Server (ref#UYNSWB)

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Here’s my issue: bottom line my wireless remotes (iPhone, iPad) won’t connect to server. But, my wired remote (Mac computer) will.
My setup: wired Nucleus. Eero mesh routers.

I’m tired of fighting with my system. Yes, I can do an as of yet dialed in recipe of rebooting server, remote and router and eventually get my wireless remotes to connect. But, I’m done with the nonsense. I can’t take it anymore!!

So, my hope is that there’s some sort of known networking tweak either in Eero or Roon setup that will eliminate this issue for me. …perhaps static IP perhaps it’s a setting somewhere? anyway, before I start doing more harm than good, I figured I’d ask. Thanks!

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Naim speakers, Chord DAC, Bluenote speakers

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server is wired. Eero mesh network

Have you tried disabling “Private WiFi Address” on your iDevices?

What internet ISP/Router do you have?
I ask because my sister had an issue similar to this and she forgot to disable the built-in WiFi in her ISP supplied router so her iPhone was on a different network “some of the time”. It kept switching from one to the other. Drove her nuts (and me too as I am her phone tech support :slight_smile: )

Just to make sure, do the devices show up in Erros App?


This was it! Thank you so much! … I know I had my router in bridge mode when I first got it a year ago. But, somehow sometime it reverted. The tip about looking at devices connected to eero was money!

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