Wireless solution for playing multichannel music?

I use a Mac Mini as my Core and currently listen to multichannel music through a Marantz 6012 that connected to the Core via HDMI. This is my theater/listening room setup

I recently added a Marantz 1711 along with a 5.1 setup for my living room. I’d like to also play multichannel music there but can’t hardwire two sources from the Mac Mini. Is there a solution that doesn’t include hardwiring the 1711 with an HDMI switch or replacing the 1711 all together? Does HEOS support multichannel and I just can’t figure it out? Is there a DAC that could accommodate it?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

AFAIK, HEOS does not support multichannel.

Yes but it is expensive. You can look for a Roon-compatible network bridge but, still, multichannel DACs tend to be pricey.

Your going to need another hdmi enabled Endpoint into your second system to get this to work with Roon . Just get a NuC doesn’t need to be stellar performer as you will use it as an endpoint only. Install ROCK on it connect via HDMI to your 1711 and you will have multichannel music.

Fantastic. Thanks for the solution and details.

Thanks. I’ll investigate that solution.