Wireless Speaker Recommendation

I am currently testing a Sonos Play 5 system with sub in a bedroom. I like the sound, but am told that Sonos is not truly Roon Ready and that future updates may render it inoperable with Roon. Additionally, I am not able to Group the Sonos Zone with any other.

Can anyone recommend some high end wireless speakers that are Roon Ready and will interface with a Sub. I know that the top of the line Bluesound cannot connect to their sub.

You don’t say what your budget is and there are lots of choices out there. Two of my favorites are the KEF LS50W and the KEF LSX. Both will interface with a sub as both speakers have a sub out on the back panel.

Thank you John. Ideal budget would be 2K for everything, but will go over that for something that is truly worthwhile. The main goal is for the L&R speakers to be Wireless powered speakers at least as large as the Sonos Play 5. @John_Aiello

I am using a pair of LS50Ws with a KEF R400b Sub. I’ve only had this setup a few weeks but so far I’m very happy with it. However, this did cost somewhat more than $2K. You could get closer if you chose a KEF Kube Sub instead of the R400b (or any of a number of other manufacturer’s subs).

However, I should point out that I was not successful using the LS50Ws wirelessly when streaming hi-res music. It was very reliable with CD quality music and mostly solid with 96/24 music. However, it completely fell apart streaming 192/24 music. I have very little of that, but I just decided to bite the bullet and wire 'em up. I discussed this in some detail on another thread.

One issue if you go down the LS50W route… you won’t be able to group them with anything.

Just thought I’d mention it.

They do sound awesome though. :smiley:

Actually, there is a way, but not through Roon. I have my LS-50W’s optical input connected to a Sonos Connect. The rest of the house is Sonos. So if I want to group them, I switch to the Sonos app. Roon and the LS50w 's are my personal system. Everyone else in the house uses Sonos.

Thank you for the info. I am willing to go above the 2K budget, but you both pointed out some other limitations one of which is a dealbreaker. The reason I don’t like the Sonos is because I was not able to Group it with any other Zone except an iPad. I need to be able to Group this Zone through Roon with my Main Zone which is a direct HDMI connection to a Receiver. Alternately, the receiver has Airplay which would be enabled for a Grouped Zone. The Sonos would not Group with either.

I have a receiver in my main listening room and some LS50W. Roon core is on a Mac Mini.

For critical listening, I stream directly to the Kefs wirelessly.

For multichannel music, I stream via HDMI from Mac Mini to the receiver, then onto the Kefs via analogue.

For multi-room music, I have a Sonos ZP80 which can either go analogue into the receiver, then onto the Kefs, or optically direct to the Kefs. I then have other Sonos units throughout the house.

That’s one option. You just get a Sonos connect and feed your receiver with it for when you want to go multi-room.

Thanks Dan. That seems like a feasible work around.

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