Wiring questions - speaker and power

I continue to tinker with my main endpoint, where I do most of my listening. I have a couple queries I thought I would get people’s input on.

The first picture is my speaker wire. I have recently taken delivery of some blue jeans 10 awg cable that I have added a sheath to. I needed 4m to accommodate the distance the right speaker is from the kit, however the left speaker is basically right in front of the rack leaving me with an excess. I have read coiling wire is probably not a good idea, and to try and put into a figure of eight where you have an excess. So this is what I have tried to do. I don’t hear any hiss or similar from the speakers (unless I literally put my ear on the tweeter), so I assume the configuration works, any thoughts?

The second picture is of the top of my rack with an HD Plex 200w to the right, which powers the switch, streamer and roon core. On the left is the roon core, an i7 NUC in a fanless case. My question is in regard to the power cables. In an effort to keep the rack neat I have zip tied various power and data cables together but separate from each other. The cables you can see in the picture are loosely clipped power cables. Is this safe? Or in any way not advised? They are not tightly clipped and are in no way hot or even warm.

Anyway, any comments are very welcome.

I would try to route power and signal in different bundles and paths, if the signal cable must cross power, try to do it at right angles. Looking at pic2, it looks like this is exactly what you’ve done. Don’t over tighten the cable ties, and snip them down flush so you don’t cut yourself when you stick your arm back there! I also used to think that speaker cables should always be exactly the same length, but I read somewhere, the difference a meter or two makes is absolutely minimal, so if they’re home made (or adjustable), you could just shorten one.


Thanks @mikeb - the cables are from Bluejeanscable.com, and I just added the cover. Annoyingly I could not thread the welded locking banana plus through the cover, so I had to cut one end. I then decided just to use bare wire amp end. So I could make one cable shorter, but its easier to leave ‘as is’.

I think I will snip those cable ties a little shorter then.

Signal cables & power cables :
Parallel = bad
Crossing at 90 degrees = not so bad.
Never touching = impossible?


I’m a bit of a cabling obsessive and I’d be happy with this. Certainly nothing to add and @mikeb has tinkering covered. Good job :slight_smile:

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Having run a streamer, separate DAC and 3-box preamp, I admit that perfect cable dressing seems like an unattainable dream if you just connect everything up and turn it on without a thought. The ideal of no cable touching any other cable, the rack or the floor just seems like an impossibility.
Then you move the most sensitive low level signal cables away from the power cables. Then you lift up that mains cable that’s resting on the back of the shelf…and so on, until eventually you get there. When ‘properly’ dressed, cables never look neat because you can’t run them parallel and tie them together. If you have OCD over what they look like, you’ll never get there.

Its not so much what they look like, more whether its safe to clip power cables together, albeit loosely. And the way to deal with excess speaker cable so as to avoid interferance. I would just like it to look semi-neat if possible and I think I am close enough with that.