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Hi All,

I find that I’m discovering so much more music while listening and browsing ROON. Or finding music while reading an on-line magazines, top 100 list for 2017 for instance.

What do you all think of a button that will allow you to add an album to a wish list without having to add the item straight to ones library before auditioning the music. Kind of like a “read later” or “bookmark” for something you’re interested in. This way I can always start up ROON with something I’ve been meaning to get to, great for my busy schedule.



Good idea - Especially for things that pop up on the “What are you listening to now?” thread…

Yes, exactly…

Music found through meta data links
Articles from NME, Mojo, Billboard, Uncut, Spin
Albums reviews in the Saturday’s paper
Audio Stream’s “Lovely Recordings”
Top 10 Lists
Top 100 Lists
Recommendations from friends

…and I can keep a running list so I don’t have to stop what is currently playing to hear something I’m interested in. ROON’s ease of use makes it too ease to be distracted :slight_smile:

Currently I am having my running list of recommendations within my notetaking app on the cellphone. Works fairly well, but a yet-to-discover list in Roon would be just perfect.

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I just add them to my library. Sort by date added, listen, delete as needed.

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why not use tags for this?

Yeah, what I do.
But this requires the music is in the library.
I think the OP wanted to make a to-listen list of music not in the library. Don’t know what that would mean…

Hi Anders,
That is exactly the idea. Making a list without adding it to the library. Kind of like when I used to buy a couple of new cd’s and it’s piled up next to the player with all the other new cd’s waiting to be played.

Tagging could be done but the new stuff lives in the library. I find I forget stuff in the library.

Add it to the library and then tag it “Listen!” or whatever suits you?

(I thank you for bringing this up. Like you, I sometimes add Tidal albums and then forget to listen to them.)

Or focus on Tidal, not played and bookmark that.

Also add a date range to the focus if you want.

If is not added to your library you can’t tag it you can’t focus on it, you cant search for it, you don’t see the reviews etc. etc. Just add it and tag it and simply delete it later if you don’t like it. That’s pretty much the same as adding it to some play list that is not part of the library and then adding it to the library later.