Wish to get some recommendation on my Library management

Hi, I’d like to get some recommendations on how to use at best Roon in order to avoid (may be) a library saturation.
I’m wondering this because I’m using Qobuz and very happy to discover lot of new tracks and album I like. Each time I like a track I want to add it in my library from the Roon Application (not the Qobuz one) in order to add tags, favorite and so on.
From now I have 2500 Albums and 28000 tracks, but I’ve the feeling my Roon server is a bit less fluent as long as I add and add again new tracks or albums.
What are the limits Roon can handle on dedicated server (PC with a Ryzen 5 CPU at 3,2 Ghz and 16GB RAM, SSD for the library database, and tracks on a HDD) ?
Do you recommend to limit my Qobuz importation by selecting only tracks instead of full Album for example ?


No, just keep adding … your library is small. :slight_smile:

Agree with @Martin_Webster, as you’re not even close to exhausting the capabilities of your present setup.

Check out Roon’s recommendation for their Nucleus here -

Thank you both for your answers :+1:

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I don’t see which Intel CPU and amount of RAM are included in both Nucleus and Nucleus+ ?

Perhaps this will help: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Optimized_Core_Kit.

  • i3 for small to medium sized libraries
  • i7 for large libraries (12k+ albums)


I think the CPU is 2core/4threads, but I could be wrong. Definitely has less of a clock than the Ryzen.

Truly, don’t know why you’re sweating this.
You’ve probably got enough for more than four times the tracks you have now.
By the time you reach any constraint, you’ll be itching for a new machine, anyway.:wink:

A tactic I use to avoid db bloat is to add ‘perspective’ albums to a playlist called ‘check out’. I’ll add a few albums and then listen to them via the playlist. If I like an album, I’ll add it to my library, otherwise I move on and continue with the playlist.

Once all the way through, I remove everything and start over. This avoids adding and deleting albums and I believe has less impact on the db.

Whether you are close or not to the resource limit the risk of db corruption exists and why add ‘junk’ unnecessarily. Once the album cover, lyrics, etc are downloaded they are forever in the db even if you ‘delete’ the album.