Wishlist: add music from CD + integrate with Bandcamp

Hello, I love Roon even more since you launched ARC. A real gamechanger for me!
Now I have two more things on my wishlist (hey Xmas is coming!):

  • allow adding CDs directly from Roon. Having to use some third party app (apple Music in my case) is super annoying.
  • integrate Bandcamp (like you do with Tidal and Qobuz)
    Thank you!

You may want to check out #feedback:feature-suggestions for similar requests, and ad your vote there.

This is possible now with Roon OS on Nucleus and ROCK using a support CD player.

Well, thanks but this won’t work for me. Nucleus is apparently only available in the US (according to your website). Plus the price is way beyond what I’m ready to pay just for adding music directly from a CD…
Thanks anyway.

Nucleus is available directly from Roon in the US only; however, there are regional resellers, too.

In addition, I also mentioned ROCK which runs on an Intel NUC.

Ah OK thanks for clarifying. Still, I don’t feel strongly enough about it so as to change my hardware. Hopefully, this will be implemented one day. Pardon my uninformed question, but isn’t it a rather straightforward and easy feature to add?