With Roon 1.6 OPPO 205 No longer displays second MQA unfolding

@support , @noris , this is a bit troubling. As of Roon version 1.6, OPPO no longer displays the ORFS on MQA songs from TIDAL. Even though the Windows 10 Roon client shows said ORFS unfolding as before, it has disappeared from the top right corner of the “Info” screen on OPP 205 when input is set to USB AUDIO IN - which is the only input on OPPO 205 where MQA unfolding happens.

For us OCD people, this is hugely disturbing, because now we’re not sure if MQA 2nd unfolding is happening or not. I pay for Tidal subscription exclusively so that I can listen to MQA music.

Plain and simple, this is a bug introduced in Roon 1.6, and I hope it can be fixed soon.


P.S. Absolutely nothing has changed on my OPPO, and I have been listening to MQA music for months now.

Try setting MQA Capabilities to “Decoder and Renderer” and “Renderer only”. See if both settings make any difference.

Also post a screenshot of the Roon signal path.

Thank you for your help.

As I have a second OPPO 205, I checked it, and that one was working fine (off a different Windows 10 PC).

After that it was a simple task of comparing the two Windows 10 clients to see what’s different. In this process I realized that something bizarre is going on, since the one not working had an extra device setting compared to the working PC. So I uninstalled the Roon client and the OPPO DAC driver (for good measure), and then reinstalled them. After that, MQA worked instantly.

So I conclude that something got corrupted on that Windowss 10 Roon client during the 1.6 upgrade.

Thanks again,

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