With the update I’ve lost the Versions tab iPad Air 2020 [Resolved - updated all devices, Versions tab now showing]

Antipodes K40 core
iPad Air 2020, 128 mb

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Description of Issue

You must update both the core and and the remote. Otherwise versions tab is missing.

Thanks Daniel. Sorry but I don’t see how to update on my iPad Air 2020 remote. I’ve looked on the Settings About page.

Hi @James_Heckman, you’ll need to update this in the iOS app store. It can take a little while to roll out to different regions, so if you’re not seeing it available yet it should be soon.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. My Core updated, and now I don’t see the Versions tab on any album. I saw this thread and updated the iOS app, but that did not fix the issue.

Core version 1.8 (build 831)
iPad version 1.8 (build 814) (iPadOS 14.8 - do I need to upgrade to iPadOS 15?)

Your iPad build is older one, that needs to be at 831 too.
You might have to uninstall it and then reinstall as that will get the newest version.
No you don’t NEED to update to iOS15 but might as well, I did last night and everything still works fine
See picture of my about page, that’s my iPad mini4 at top


Thanks, Dylan (and Kevin). I did eventually figure out to get the update from the app store, and also figured out that probably everyone already knows this. I’m one of the older generation who is still learning. Once in the app store, it was very easy to do. Although my iPad app was back at version 806, I just clicked Update on the app store and in no time it installed on my iPad (in Pennsylvania). I didn’t know if going through all previous updates (from 806) would be necessary, but apparently not. Thanks to you and Dan (and Kevin) for your prompt responses and help.
Jim Heckman

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Hey @James_Heckman

Thank you for following up with us, we’re glad that things are working for you now that all your devices are running the latest update! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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