WLAN-adapter in ropiee

Hi @spockfish we have a Pi2b and installed a Wifi Dongle with RT5370 chipset (gwf-3s03).
When we enable Wifi and reboot we are getting an IP address assigned.
When we enter this in our browser its very, very slow. (unreachable sometimes)

How do I know the onboard Wifi isn’t used when I have inserted the Wifi Dongle with RT5370 chipset (gwf-3s03)? (I can’t see this from the Ropieee GUI?)
Any ideas why its slow (if the external wifi dongle is used)?

The Raspberry Pi 2 does not have WiFi, so we can safely assume it’s using the dongle :wink:

The slow speed I don’t know… can you send me feedback? You can find it on the web ui in the ‘advanced’ tab. I can then have a look.

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You’re right, I thought the Pi2B1.2 was equipped with wifi, but its not.
I have restarted my wifi router and it seems ok now. Thanks for the ultrafast response!