WLAN problems on rasberry pi 2

Hello Harry

First of all, thank you very much for your stunning software. I have three RoPieeeXL endpoints running faultlessly in my house. Your work is much appreciated here.

I have, though, a problem with a new endpoint that I want to set up. This one is running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1. It has been working great on a wired ethernet connection. However, I want to move the position of it, and will now have to go wireless. I have two wifi dongles available, which are both recognised by RooPieeeXL (on release 396),

If I ssh into it, and run the lsusb command, with either one of the dongles inserted, then it correctly returns details about it:

  1. Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188EUS 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter
  2. Broadcom Corp. BCM43143 802.11bgn (1x1) Wireless Adapter

In the network tab of the software, I get the “wireless” box and it sees my LAN, and I can enter my LAN password. However, that is as far as it gets. If I reboot the raspi without an ethernet connection, I just get a rapidly flashing green light. and no network connectivity.

Am I using unsupported wifi dongles?

Hi Roger,

The broadcom could be a problem (but I would be happy to add it!).
However, it is strange that you can actually select a wireless network, so something is working.

Can you try again with the Realtek and send me feedback?

And after that with the Broadcom?


Thank you for your prompt attention!

Realtek feedback: 0ddfcab9408c155a

Broadcom feedback: eff027a902b3f34c

Hi Roger,

Indeed both are not supported.

The broadcom I already knew, but the Realtek is yet another driver. Annoying part of Realtek is that they have separate drivers for almost all chipsets.

It comes pretty far, but it’s complaining that it fails with the authentication part.

So for now this is a no-go.

Ah well. Thank you very much for looking and explaning the reason. I’ll search for another dongle which might work.