WLAN reconnect issues of Roon Remote iPad Air2


Since Roon on my iPAD Air2 is the only APP reconnecting time by time would it be possible to set the reconnetion timer not that sharp??? i guess it is in the ms range (my WLAN latency is 200ms max.)

I use Lightning DS and BubbleUpnp (android) as Remotes and they never have reconnect issues.

The music stream continues though so seems buffer mechanism works between Core and Auralic Aries.

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Discussed already a few times in this forum but Roon seems not to hear it.

Or, because it has been addressed too many times already, people seem not to want to research before posting and/or not to want to hear that the issue lies with Apple. That is just the way it is.


fact: no other app on my ipad shows that behavior

now Roon can play PingPong with Apple or try to get them into it, i personally think:

do what has to be done for best service for your valued customers!

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Lots of reading for you…



Yesterday Roon was in the foreground all the time still reconnect issues.

Also battery drain is high (probably IOS no other Apps running in background).

If queue view is on no problem, album view returns back to 1st album ;-(

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Can Roon implement the Mac OS app to stay idle in the background (there are some Apps like Skype where i can choose the setting on my iPad