Wobbly text scaling on Windows 10 client

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 1909
Intel UHD Graphics 620
Dell 2407WPF-HC

Description Of Issue

Text looking garbled on my monitor setup

Windows display options

Advanced scaling options (changing “Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry” makes no impact on Roon).

I’m wondering this is because my resolution is 16x10 not 16x9 ?

I have a similar issue to you, especially in your screenshot No 3 although my resolution is different: -1920 X 1080. My scaling was also set at 125% in Windows 10. I used the “Advanced scaling setting – Custom Scaling” in Windows to try and correct it by adjusting the scaling 1% at a time and finally settled on 128%. I’m not saying this is the correct method and others with more knowledge than me may suggest something better but it did work for me. The only issue I found was that adjusting the scaling too much affected other programs used on my laptop with some graphics not displayed correctly but it seems fine on the 128% setting that I have at present without affecting anything else.

I would be very happy if someone else came up with a solution?

Hi @Gareth_Brown,

Can you try setting scaling to 100%? Do things look correct when doing so?

100% scaling fixes the problem.

However the issue, and can reproduce it. Set Windows to 125% scaling, the text becoming wobbly when the window is full size, and then restore the window to it’s previous size and the text is fine again. Please note the text starting “Here’s what going on…”

NB: Full screen also shows no wobbly text (not shown on animated GIF)

My wobbly text is wobbly no more wobbly! Thanks for fixing this with 1.7 build 536.

Just had a look at Roon following the latest update (Build 536) and all text scaling issues within the software appears to have been resolved which is great news. The only issue I still have is the splash screen on start-up, as you can see there is still an issue there (Windows scaling remains at the recommended 125%) not a major issue but worth looking at some time.

Thanks for the corrections to date! @support

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