Woke up to no artwork

When I turned on Roon today, there is no artwork. No album art, no profile picture. Nothing.

Since I have the same local library, Qobuz and Tidal favorites in Audirvana and there is no issue there, I assume the problem is on Roon’s end.

Anybody else experiencing this? Any fix I should attempt on my end?

OK. After a listening session I removed my RoonServer Cache file with no change. Renamed and moved my RoonServer Database folder and let Roon build a new database which appeared to bring back my profile picture and local artwork. Of course, that resulted in the loss of a lot of bookmark and editing work, so I reinstalled the faulty database file.

Should I attempt to restore from a backup? I have 10 Roon backups available to choose from.


And…the artwork has now returned. I emptied the cache on my iPad and restarted it and the art returned. I had done that previously with no result.

Happy I didn’t have to restore from a backup.

This thread can be closed.

Hello @Bob_Worley, glad things are working again! Please let us know if you have further issues, we’re happy to help!