Wolfgang Amade(us) Mozart

Can we label Mozart’s compositions with the name he preferred to call himself, Wolfgang Amade Mozart? If we’re going to use the Latin form, then let’s be consistent and call him Wolfgangus Amadeus Mozartus, the way he sometimes jokingly did. He misspelled words too, although it was usually for some light hearted effect. So maybe he’d be thrilled that the whole world misspells his name, and especially with the pointlessly august latin form no less.

But it’s been a few hundred years. He’s not thrilled anymore.

Roon’s new version, with it’s improved presentation of classical compositions, is the perfect opportunity to correct this glaring error.

You can edit the name of a composer yourself if you wish. I call „Handel“ „Händel“ for example.

Come on - is this for real! I would have thought there were far more important issues to pursue. I suspect Mozart couldn’t give tuppence about how his name was spelled but probably would be amazed that people are still playing and listening to his music.

Do we continue with a discussion on the various transliterations of Russian names - is Rachmaninov Rachmaninoff (personally I prefer the v). And should Saint Saens have that all important umlaut or Pierne that acute accent

Good suggestion. I hadn’t thought to try that and it works pretty well. Thanks

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The English, Latin, French, and German alphabets are identical enough that transliteration doesn’t apply here. This topic is about spelling Mozart’s name consistently within one of those languages. I propose that Roon choose the language that Mozart preferred for his own name.
If we are to believe Roon’s marketing material, that “deep metadata” from “expert listeners” powers Roon 1.8 and distinguishes it from “mass market” algorithms, then we should hold them to it, especially with inconsistencies as mass-markety as “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”.