Women of Pop - who is this artist?

There is a Roon playlist featured on my home called “Women of Pop”, featuring many of today’s great female vocalists such as Lou Reed, James Brown, Tom Waits and The Beach Boys (seriously! the list goes on :rofl:).

However does anyone know who the artist is featured in the picture?

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Hey Chris. I hadn’t looked at the playlist till your post, but that is unusual to have those guys in the list :joy::joy:

Thanks to reverse image search.


Ah thanks @Fergus_B I thought I was going mad trying to find her in that list!

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I have the same playlist but it does contain actual female pop artists and not James Brown, etc. (Last I looked, Friday morning IIRC). The lady from the picture was also in there

Thanks for pointing this out, we had a mash up of 2 playlists but thanks to this post it has been fixed! Many thanks @Chris_Whalley