Wonder what's in Release 175?

Is it just me, or does listing “Bug fixes and performance improvements” as a bullet point under a section labelled “Bug fixes and Improvements…” seem somewhat circular? What bugs were fixed? What performance improvements were made? Am I missing the real release notes?

Mainly CD ripping which works and I am very happy about.

I think most of us already have some way to rip CDs, but I’m sure there’s a group which will find it useful. Note that this doesn’t tag the FLAC files. Be interesting to try some of the CDs which I pick up at house concerts, none of which Roon can identify.

But I’m wondering about the rest of the release? Is there anything there?

It think for ROCK / Roon OS release notes are usually - well - compact. There’s not much customer facing functionality in Roon OS, is there?

I am sure there is but no idea what. CD ripping is big for me means I can have one device to do it all, and its automatic. Saves having to have a drive hanging of my laptop. No it doesn’t tag the files which is annoying but is easily solved with mp3 tag. It’s just convenient having it in one place and dont have to copy the files. Roon recognised what I have ripped so far without any editing. So as a one stop shop it works, if you want you files for other apps then you can add tags. Its a nice touch and makes it more of a full server offering.

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Nothing really of importance. We are always tweaking it here and there.

An example of performance improvement:

WINS/NetBIOS queries resolve after DNS queries now. The result is a tiny speed up for DNS lookups. Nothing anybody will notice, but given that you rarely resolve local SMB mounts and you usually do resolve Roon/TIDAL/Qobuz DNS addresses, this is the right thing to do for a slightly snappier experience. VERY VERY slightly snappier.

An example of a bug fix:

On a machine that was all properly set up and booted properly,

  1. if you removed link power from the end of an ethernet cable plugged into a switch,
  2. but left it plugged into the Roon OS machine,
  3. in some not easily predictable circumstances,

the console failed to update its text to show that there was no network plugged in

Once again, not worthy of note.


There have been quite a few severe kernel vulnerabilities patched in the last few months. Does the new ROCK release pick these up?

We pick up latest kernel patches from an LTS branch.

Dont wish to be too sarcastic but “ wow the wheel has been reinvented”

Surely of the list of outstanding items CD ripping must be low, which one of the collective “US” have more than one means of ripping discs, even if we do such things in the age of digital downloads

I haven’t tried it but it sounds like it doesn’t even add tags. If this doesn’t supercede the dbPoweramps , EAC etc and become the de facto best of the best it does seem like a waste of Dev time when so many high demand features get by passes eg. classical box sets

My 2 pa

Do we need to make the distinction between ROCK and Roon? I certainly don’t see work on ROCK being to the detriment of Roon!

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For the Nucleus “set and forget” people, who don’t need/want to browse by folder, or use any other player software. I think it’s a good inclusion by Roon.


Out of curiosity: will the files get tagged on export? Because if so, then I’d say it’s not really missing.

The ripping feature might be something which adds some value to the Nucleus device family.
And Rockies get it for free, too.


Not in my case. The Nucleus is meant to stay next to your stereo rig. My Nuc/ROCK is tucked away in a crawl space. I don’t want to fight through spider webs to rip a CD.
But I can still do it on dBPowerAMP with my old Mac when I need to, so it’s no big deal.

No idea never export out of Roon. I can try it out.


Case in point - I’m setting up Roon for a friend and will use ROCK. She’s technically inept and I was dreading trying to talk her through dBpa to rip her CD collection on another machine, etc. If I can just set it all up and have her simply pop a CD in to then appear in Roon without her calling me, that’s gravy (and groovy).

The only slight shame, to my mind, is that it doesn’t consult accurate rip.


I’ve never had any issues with using cdparanoia for the last 6 years or so. The whole accuraterip thing is really not needed in my view.

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Yeah, keen to see some developments on the Roon software itself. Especially the big UI changes that have been mentioned, as well as addressing some of the long-running threads about box set handling and album artwork improvements!

Sure you’re right - I think I just got used to it on dBpa and it gives me a certain reassurance is all.