Wonky navigation behavior with the forward and back arrows?

Anyone notice that the “now playing” screen doesn’t seem to always count when using the back and forward arrows?


Click on overview. See this:

Click on what’s playing on the bottom stripe, see this:

Click on the album for the next suggested track (in shuffle mode, or you can just click on anything unrelated to the current track playing): See this:

Click Back. See this:

BUT BUT BUT the last screen wasn’t the Overview, it was now playing. Now, the developers might say that is some conceptual overlay on the browser that is more like a pop-up than something that is part of the back and forward navigation, but if there isn’t anything else to go back or forward to, and the prior page was the now playing screen, it DOES navigate you to the now playing screen.

This always startles me when it happens during browsing. Anyone else notice this? How isn’t this a (relatively harmless) bug?

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