Won't be around before sept 21

I have a nightmare scenario - I’ve got an uncertified Hugo2go currently enabled and working, however I’m away from home until the 20th and not able to do the screenshots for the developer application until then. Will this be enough time?

Same here. I am getting back after a long holiday late on 20.09 and will only be in a position to submit the form then.

Hopefully this won’t be too late.

It is becoming clear that good intentions aside, there is a problem with the requirement to submit screen shots for some customers. Would it not be possible to confirm ownership of an uncertified device some other way?

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The time frame between announcement and implementation is definitely part of the problem. Why such short notice?

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just put a reference to this topic in the form somewhere… a human is processing these forms, so exceptions are easy to make.

either way, you will be fine on sept 21 or 22, or whenever since you wont be disabling… but we can making you a developer easily after the date too.

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I recommend you delete this “before September 21st” reference. I think you will probably allow customers to make this request after September 21st also.

I agréé. How can you do that when you are away from your home until septembre 23st or later.

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